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  • Jul26fri
    07:00 PM - Texas Hippie CoalitionBigs Sports Bar & Billiards, Sioux Falls, SD
  • Jul28sun
    08:00 PM - Texas Hippie CoalitionKnuckleheads Garage At Knuckleheads Saloon, Kansas City, MO
  • Aug12mon
    08:00 PM - Texas Hippie CoalitionPub Station Taproom, Billings, MT
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  • Sep15sun
    07:00 PM - Texas Hippie CoalitionThe Forge - Joliet, Joliet, IL
    10 Tickets Left!
  • Sep20fri
    06:30 PM - Texas Hippie CoalitionRiverfront Live, Cincinnati, OH
  • Oct19sat
    07:00 PM - Texas Hippie CoalitionThe Machine Shop Concert Lounge, Flint, MI
    3 Tickets Left!

Frequently Asked Questions About Texas Hippie Coalition Tickets and Events

Who is the lead singer of Texas Hippie Coalition?

The lead singer of Texas Hippie Coalition is Big Dad Ritch.

When was the band Texas Hippie Coalition formed?

The band Texas Hippie Coalition was formed in 2004.

What genre of music does Texas Hippie Coalition play?

Texas Hippie Coalition plays a style of Southern rock mixed with heavy metal.

What is the name of Texas Hippie Coalition's latest album?

The latest album from Texas Hippie Coalition is called "High in the Saddle."

What is the origin of the band name Texas Hippie Coalition?

The name Texas Hippie Coalition was inspired by the idea of a group of rebels coming together to stand up against authority.

What other bands has Texas Hippie Coalition toured with in the past?

Texas Hippie Coalition has toured with bands such as Black Label Society, Guns N' Roses, and ZZ Top.

What is Texas Hippie Coalition's most popular song?

Texas Hippie Coalition's most popular song is "Pissed Off and Mad About It."

What is the meaning behind the song "Turn It Up" by Texas Hippie Coalition?

The song "Turn It Up" is about the power and freedom of rock music and its ability to bring people together.

What is the fan base of Texas Hippie Coalition referred to as?

The fan base of Texas Hippie Coalition is referred to as the "Red Dirt Metal Army."

What is the significance of the Texas flag in Texas Hippie Coalition's image?

The Texas flag is an important symbol in Texas Hippie Coalition's image and represents their strong connection to their home state and their rebellious spirit.

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