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    08:00 PM - Lucero3S Artspace, Portsmouth, NH
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Frequently Asked Questions About Lucero - Artist Tickets and Events

Who is Lucero and what type of music do they produce?

Lucero is an American rock band originating from Memphis, Tennessee. They are known for their blend of country, punk, and heartland rock music.

How did Lucero start and who are the current members of the band?

Lucero was founded in 1998 by Ben Nichols, Brian Venable, and Roy Berry. The current members of the band are Ben Nichols, Brian Venable, Roy Berry, John C. Stubblefield, and Rick Steff.

What are some popular songs by Lucero?

Some popular songs by Lucero include "Texas & Tennessee," "Nights Like These," "Darken My Door," and "Tears Don't Matter Much."

What is Lucero's discography and which album is considered their breakthrough?

Lucero has released 11 studio albums, with their breakthrough album being "Tennessee" released in 2002.

Has Lucero won any awards and nominations?

Lucero has been nominated for several awards including the Americana Music Honors & Awards and the Memphis Music Awards.

What is the fanbase like for Lucero and how do they engage with fans?

Lucero has a dedicated fanbase and often engages with them through social media, live performances, and fan club memberships.

How has Lucero evolved their sound and music over the years?

Lucero has evolved their sound and music over the years by incorporating more elements of country, soul, and blues into their rock music.

What are some upcoming events and tours for Lucero?

Some upcoming events and tours for Lucero can be found on their official website or social media pages.

Has Lucero collaborated with any other artists or bands?

Lucero has collaborated with various artists and bands including Amy LaVere and The Gaslight Anthem.

How can fans purchase merchandise and support Lucero?

Fans can purchase merchandise and support Lucero by visiting their official website or attending their live shows and purchasing items at the merch table.

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