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Frequently Asked Questions About Lisette Melendez Tickets and Events

Who is Lisette Melendez?

Lisette Melendez is a singer and songwriter from New York City who emerged in the late 1980s and early 1990s with a string of dance-pop hits.

What are some of Lisette Melendez's most popular songs?

Some of Lisette Melendez's most popular songs include "Together Forever", "A Day In My Life (Without You)", and "Never Say Never".

What genre of music does Lisette Melendez perform?

Lisette Melendez performs dance-pop and freestyle music.

Has Lisette Melendez won any awards for her music?

Lisette Melendez has not won any major awards for her music, but she has been nominated for several awards, including a Billboard Music Award in 1992.

What is Lisette Melendez's discography?

Lisette Melendez's discography includes the albums "Together Forever" (1991) and "Unpredictable" (1994), as well as several singles and EPs.

Has Lisette Melendez ever been on tour?

Yes, Lisette Melendez has been on tour several times throughout her career.

Who else has Lisette Melendez performed with?

Lisette Melendez has performed with a variety of other artists, including Stevie B, Johnny O, and George Lamond.

What is Lisette Melendez's fan base like?

Lisette Melendez's fan base is primarily made up of fans of dance-pop and freestyle music from the late 1980s and early 1990s.

What are some upcoming projects for Lisette Melendez?

It is not currently known what upcoming projects Lisette Melendez has in the works.

What sets Lisette Melendez apart from other artists in her genre?

Lisette Melendez's distinctive voice and catchy dance-pop melodies set her apart from other artists in the freestyle and dance-pop genres.

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