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  • Jun3mon
    06:30 PM - LagwagonBridgeworks, Hamilton, CA
  • Jun4tue
    07:00 PM - LagwagonBronson Centre Theatre, Ottawa, CA
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Frequently Asked Questions About Lagwagon Tickets and Events

How long has Lagwagon been touring and performing music?

Lagwagon has been touring and performing music since the late 1980s.

Who are the current members of Lagwagon?

The current members of Lagwagon are Joey Cape, Chris Rest, Joe Raposo, Chris Flippin, and Dave Raun.

What genre of music does Lagwagon play?

Lagwagon plays punk rock music.

How many albums has Lagwagon released?

Lagwagon has released nine studio albums.

What is the most popular song by Lagwagon?

The most popular song by Lagwagon is "May 16th".

How did Lagwagon get their name?

Lagwagon got their name from a truck that drummer Dave Raun owned.

Have Lagwagon won any awards for their music?

Lagwagon has not won any major awards for their music, but they have been nominated for a few.

What other bands have Lagwagon toured with in the past?

Lagwagon has toured with bands like NOFX, Bad Religion, and Strung Out in the past.

What is Lagwagon's connection to the Fat Wreck Chords record label?

Lagwagon is signed to and has released several albums on the Fat Wreck Chords record label.

What is the meaning behind the lyrics of Lagwagon's song "Razor Burn"?

The meaning behind the lyrics of Lagwagon's song "Razor Burn" is open to interpretation, but it has been suggested that it is about feeling trapped and helpless in a toxic relationship.

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