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  • May3fri
    07:00 PM - G PericoHouse Of Blues - San Diego, San Diego, CA
  • May25sat
    08:00 PM - G PericoThe Novo, Los Angeles, CA

Frequently Asked Questions About G Perico Tickets and Events

Who is G Perico?

G Perico is an American rapper and songwriter based in Los Angeles, California.

What genre of music does G Perico perform?

G Perico primarily performs Gangsta rap and West Coast hip hop.

What is G Perico known for in the music industry?

G Perico is known for his unique blend of old-school and new-school rap that highlights the street culture of Los Angeles.

How did G Perico get started in music?

G Perico started making music in the early 2000s and gained a following through self-promotion and hard work.

What are some of G Perico's most popular songs?

Some of G Perico's most popular songs include "Affiliated," "All Blue," and "Westside-Digital."

How has G Perico's music evolved over time?

G Perico's music has evolved to incorporate more personal storytelling and introspective lyrics, while still maintaining his signature West Coast sound.

Who are some of G Perico's musical influences?

G Perico's musical influences include N.W.A., Snoop Dogg, and Ice Cube.

What can fans expect from a G Perico concert?

Fans can expect an energetic and authentic performance that showcases G Perico's unique blend of old-school and new-school hip hop.

What is the significance of G Perico's stage name?

G Perico's stage name is derived from the term "G," which is a reference to gangsta or street culture, and "Perico," which is a slang term for cocaine.

How has G Perico made an impact on the West Coast rap scene?

G Perico has made an impact on the West Coast rap scene by representing the street culture of Los Angeles and bringing attention to the region's unique sound and style.

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