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All Columbia Lions Events
  • Apr27sat
    03:30 PM - Yale Bulldogs vs. Columbia LionsReese Stadium, New Haven, CT
  • Sep21sat
    (TBD) - Columbia Lions vs. Lafayette LeopardsWien Stadium, New York, NY
  • Sep28sat
    (TBD) - Georgetown Hoyas vs. Columbia LionsCooper Field, Washington, DC
  • Oct5sat
    (TBD) - Columbia Lions vs. Princeton TigersWien Stadium, New York, NY
  • Oct12sat
    (TBD) - Wagner Seahawks vs. Columbia LionsWagner Stadium, Staten Island, NY
  • Oct19sat
    (TBD) - Pennsylvania Quakers vs. Columbia LionsFranklin Field - PA, Philadelphia, PA
  • Oct26sat
    (TBD) - Columbia Lions vs. Dartmouth Big GreenWien Stadium, New York, NY
  • Nov2sat
    (TBD) - Columbia Lions vs. Yale BulldogsWien Stadium, New York, NY
  • Nov9sat
    (TBD) - Harvard Crimson vs. Columbia LionsHarvard Stadium, Allston, MA
  • Nov16sat
    (TBD) - Brown Bears vs. Columbia LionsBrown Stadium, Providence, RI
  • Nov23sat
    (TBD) - Columbia Lions vs. Cornell Big RedWien Stadium, New York, NY

Frequently Asked Questions About Columbia Lions Tickets and Events

How can I find the best deals for Columbia Lions tickets online?

You can find great deals on Columbia Lions tickets online by using websites like MegaSeats that offer competitive pricing, no hidden fees, and a wide selection of seating options.

Are there any special discounts available for Columbia Lions tickets?

Yes, many websites offer special discounts on Columbia Lions tickets for certain groups such as students, military personnel, and senior citizens. You can also use promo codes or sign up for newsletters on ticket websites to receive exclusive discounts.

Can I buy Columbia Lions tickets at the door or do I need to purchase in advance?

While it may be possible to buy Columbia Lions tickets at the door, it is always recommended to purchase in advance to ensure availability and avoid potential price increases.

Are there any VIP or premium seating options available for Columbia Lions events?

Yes, many sports venues offer VIP or premium seating options for Columbia Lions events which often include exclusive amenities such as private entrances, catering, and more comfortable seating arrangements.

How early should I arrive at the venue before the Columbia Lions event starts?

It is recommended that you arrive at least 30-45 minutes before the start of the Columbia Lions event to allow time for parking, finding your seats, and any potential security checks.

Can I transfer my Columbia Lions tickets to someone else if I am unable to attend the event?

Yes, many ticket websites like MegaSeats allow you to easily transfer your Columbia Lions tickets to another person by simply changing the name on the ticket.

Are there any age restrictions for Columbia Lions events?

It depends on the event and venue, but typically Columbia Lions events are open to all ages. However, some events may have specific age restrictions or require parental supervision for younger attendees.

What is the best way to get to the venue for a Columbia Lions event?

The best way to get to the venue for a Columbia Lions event is to check the venue's website for recommended transportation options such as parking, public transportation, or ride-sharing services.

Can I bring food or drinks into the venue for a Columbia Lions event?

It depends on the event and venue, but generally outside food and drinks are not allowed inside the venue for Columbia Lions events. However, most venues have food and beverage options available for purchase inside.

What should I wear to a Columbia Lions event?

It is recommended to wear comfortable and weather-appropriate clothing to a Columbia Lions event, such as athletic wear or casual clothing. It's also a good idea to check the venue's website for any specific dress code requirements.

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