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  • Jul18thu
    07:00 PM - Becky HillHollywood Theatre - Vancouver, Vancouver, CA
    5 Tickets Left!
  • Jul20sat
    08:30 PM - Becky HillWonder Ballroom, Portland, OR
    7 Tickets Left!
  • Nov7thu
    09:00 PM - Becky HillMusic Box - San Diego, San Diego, CA
    10 Tickets Left!
  • Nov8fri
    09:00 PM - Becky HillThe Novo, Los Angeles, CA
    22 Tickets Left!
  • Nov9sat
    08:00 PM - Becky HillThe Fillmore - San Francisco, San Francisco, CA
    22 Tickets Left!
  • Nov10sun
    08:00 PM - Becky HillThe UC Theatre, Berkeley, CA
  • Nov13wed
    08:00 PM - Becky HillConvergence Station, Denver, CO
    3 Tickets Left!
  • Nov15fri
    08:00 PM - Becky HillEmo's East, Austin, TX
    7 Tickets Left!
  • Nov16sat
    08:00 PM - Becky HillThe Studio at The Factory, Dallas, TX
    20 Tickets Left!
  • Nov19tue
    08:00 PM - Becky HillPark West, Chicago, IL
    11 Tickets Left!
  • Nov21thu
    07:30 PM - Becky HillThe Axis Club - Toronto, Toronto, CA
    6 Tickets Left!
  • Nov22fri
    09:00 PM - Becky HillLe Studio TD, Montreal, CA
    4 Tickets Left!
  • Nov23sat
    09:00 PM - Becky HillTerminal 5, New York, NY
    12 People Viewing Right Now
    17 Tickets Left!

Frequently Asked Questions About Becky Hill Tickets and Events

What is the average price of a Becky Hill event?

The average price of all Becky Hill events is $66.99.

In which city is the lowest average price for a Becky Hill event?

Los Angeles has the lowest average price for a Becky Hill event, which is $56.77.

What is the date of the event with the highest ticket price?

The event with the highest ticket price will be held on October 6, 2023.

What is the average price of a Becky Hill event in Brooklyn?

The average price of a Becky Hill event in Brooklyn is $79.12.

What is the date of the event with the lowest ticket price?

The event with the lowest ticket price will be held on August 10, 2023.

Who is Becky Hill?

Becky Hill is a British singer and songwriter known for her collaborations with renowned artists such as David Guetta, Sigala, and Oliver Heldens.

What is Becky Hill's most popular song?

Becky Hill's most popular song is "Lose Control" with Meduza and Goodboys, which peaked at number 2 on the UK Singles Chart.

How did Becky Hill start her music career?

Becky Hill started her music career by appearing on the first series of The Voice UK in 2012. Despite not winning the competition, she gained a following and signed a record deal shortly after.

What is Becky Hill's genre of music?

Becky Hill's genre of music is primarily pop and dance music, with elements of electronic, soul, and R&B.

Has Becky Hill won any awards?

Yes, Becky Hill has won several awards, including the ASCAP Awards, Music Week Awards, and the International Dance Music Awards.

Who has Becky Hill collaborated with in the music industry?

Becky Hill has collaborated with various artists in the music industry, including David Guetta, Sigala, Oliver Heldens, and Jonas Blue.

What is Becky Hill's latest album?

Becky Hill has not released a full-length album yet, but she has released several singles, with her most recent being "Last Time."

Has Becky Hill gone on tour before?

Yes, Becky Hill has gone on tour before, performing at festivals and venues across the UK and Europe.

What sets Becky Hill apart from other pop artists?

Becky Hill is known for her powerful vocals and songwriting abilities, often writing her own songs and lyrics. She also incorporates elements of dance and electronic music into her pop sound.

What can fans expect from a Becky Hill concert?

Fans can expect a high-energy performance from Becky Hill, with her performing her most popular songs and new material. She often incorporates choreography and interacts with the crowd, making for an engaging and memorable concert experience.

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