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Frequently Asked Questions About XL Center Events

What are some popular events for which one might purchase XL Center tickets?

XL Center tickets are often purchased for a variety of events including concerts by top musicians, professional and college sporting events such as hockey and basketball, and live performances like theatrical shows and stand-up comedy.

How can one ensure they're buying legitimate XL Center tickets?

To ensure you're buying legitimate XL Center tickets, it's best to purchase from the official XL Center box office or from reputable ticket sellers that guarantee the authenticity of their tickets.

What amenities are available at the XL Center for ticket holders?

The XL Center offers a range of amenities for ticket holders such as spacious seating, food and beverage options, merchandise stalls, and easy access to restrooms.

What is the seating capacity at the XL Center for ticket holders?

The XL Center has a seating capacity of approximately 16,000 for concerts and 15,000 for sporting events, providing ample space for a large number of ticket holders.

Can XL Center tickets be transferred or resold?

Generally, XL Center tickets can be transferred or resold, but it's advisable to check the specific terms and conditions of the ticket purchased as policies can vary by event.

What are some ways to secure early access or pre-sale XL Center tickets?

Early access or pre-sale XL Center tickets are often available to fan club members, credit card holders of certain banks, or through official mailing lists.

Are there special accommodations at the XL Center for ticket holders with disabilities?

Yes, the XL Center offers special accommodations for ticket holders with disabilities, including accessible seating and restrooms, as well as services for the visually and hearing-impaired.

How early should one arrive at the XL Center after purchasing tickets?

It's recommended to arrive at the XL Center at least an hour before the event starts to allow ample time for parking, security checks, and finding your seat.

Are there any age restrictions for purchasing XL Center tickets?

Age restrictions for purchasing XL Center tickets can vary depending on the event. For some events, children of a certain age may enter without a ticket but must be accompanied by an adult.

Can XL Center tickets be purchased as a group for special events?

Yes, group tickets can often be purchased for special events at the XL Center. This can be a great way to enjoy an event with friends, family, or coworkers.

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