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Albuquerque, New Mexico

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Frequently Asked Questions About Tingley Coliseum Events

What is the seating capacity of Tingley Coliseum for concerts?

Tingley Coliseum can accommodate approximately 11,571 spectators for concerts.

What types of events are typically held at Tingley Coliseum for which tickets are sold?

Tingley Coliseum regularly hosts a variety of events including concerts, rodeos, ice shows, motor sports, circuses, and other large gatherings.

Can tickets for Tingley Coliseum events be purchased in advance?

Yes, tickets for events at Tingley Coliseum can typically be purchased in advance, often as soon as the event is announced.

Is accessible seating available at Tingley Coliseum and how can it be acquired?

Yes, accessible seating is available at Tingley Coliseum. These tickets can usually be obtained in the same manner as regular tickets.

Are there any restrictions on what can be brought into Tingley Coliseum during ticketed events?

Yes, like many venues, Tingley Coliseum has a list of prohibited items for the safety and enjoyment of all attendees. It's recommended to check the venue's specific guidelines prior to attending an event.

Can Tingley Coliseum tickets be purchased for groups?

Yes, group tickets are often available for events at Tingley Coliseum. The procedure for purchasing these may differ from that of individual tickets.

What are some of the notable past performances or events for which Tingley Coliseum tickets were sold?

Tingley Coliseum has hosted a number of famous performers and events over the years, including music concerts, rodeos, and sporting events.

Is there a box office at Tingley Coliseum where tickets can be purchased?

Yes, there is a box office at Tingley Coliseum where tickets for upcoming events can be purchased.

What are the typical methods of delivery for Tingley Coliseum tickets?

Tingley Coliseum tickets can typically be delivered through several methods including mail, electronic delivery, or will call pickup at the venue.

Is it possible to get a refund for Tingley Coliseum tickets if an event is canceled or postponed?

In most cases, if an event at Tingley Coliseum is canceled or postponed, ticket holders will be offered a refund or the opportunity to use their ticket for the rescheduled date. However, the exact policy may vary depending on the event.

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