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T-Mobile Arena Tickets

Las Vegas, Nevada

T-Mobile Arena Events
  • Jun27thu
    (TBD) - UFC Hall of Fame Induction CeremonyT-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas, NV
    15 People Viewing Right Now
    15 Tickets Left!
  • Jun29sat
    03:00 PM - UFC 303: Pereira vs. Prochazka 2T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas, NV
    Selling Fast 25 People In Cart
  • Jul2tue
    07:00 PM - Las Vegas Aces vs. Indiana FeverT-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas, NV
    Selling Fast 6 People In Cart
  • Jul3wed
    07:00 PM - Blink-182 & Pierce The VeilT-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas, NV
    Selling Fast 12 People In Cart
  • Jul10wed
    07:30 PM - USA Basketball: United States vs. CanadaT-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas, NV
    35 People Viewing Right Now
  • Jul13sat
    07:00 PM - Missy Elliott, Ciara, Busta Rhymes & TimbalandT-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas, NV
    21 People Viewing Right Now
  • Jul27sat
    08:00 PM - AventuraT-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas, NV
    23 People Viewing Right Now
  • Aug2fri
    08:00 PM - Grupo FronteraT-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas, NV
    16 People Viewing Right Now
  • Aug3sat
    07:30 PM - Chris BrownT-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas, NV
    Selling Fast 12 People In Cart
  • Aug15thu
    (TBD) - Abu Dhabi Combat ClubT-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas, NV
  • Aug16fri
    (TBD) - Abu Dhabi Combat ClubT-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas, NV
    12 People Viewing Right Now
  • Aug17sat
    (TBD) - Abu Dhabi Combat Club - 2 Day PassT-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas, NV
    9 Tickets Left!
  • Aug17sat
    10:00 AM - Abu Dhabi Combat ClubT-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas, NV
    10 People Viewing Right Now
    63 Tickets Left!
  • Aug18sun
    (TBD) - Abu Dhabi Combat ClubT-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas, NV
    12 Tickets Left!
  • Aug30fri
    08:00 PM - Future & Metro BoominT-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas, NV
    19 People Viewing Right Now
  • Sep3tue
    07:00 PM - Las Vegas Aces vs. Chicago SkyT-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas, NV
    11 People Viewing Right Now
  • Sep7sat
    08:00 PM - Grupo FirmeT-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas, NV
    17 People Viewing Right Now
  • Sep13fri
    08:00 PM - Peso PlumaT-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas, NV
    12 People Viewing Right Now
  • Sep15sun
    08:00 PM - Fuerza RegidaT-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas, NV
    13 People Viewing Right Now
  • Sep20fri
    (TBD) - iHeartRadio Music Festival - 2 Day PassT-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas, NV
    35 People Viewing Right Now
    2 Tickets Left!

About T-Mobile Arena

Welcome to T-Mobile Arena, the beating heart of Las Vegas's live entertainment scene. This world-class venue has a rich history of hosting unforgettable events, and with a promising lineup for 2023, there's never been a better time to grab your T-Mobile Arena tickets and experience the magic for yourself.

From ice hockey to boxing, concerts to basketball, T-Mobile Arena events cater to a diverse range of tastes. The Vegas Golden Knights call this venue home, with games including thrilling matchups against the Winnipeg Jets, Colorado Avalanche, and Los Angeles Kings. If you're a sports fan, these are T-Mobile Arena events you can't afford to miss!

Music fans, on the other hand, are in for a treat with the likes of Blink 182 & Pierce The Veil, Depeche Mode, Enrique Iglesias, Pitbull & Ricky Martin, and Luis Miguel all set to take the stage in 2023. Don't miss the chance to see these global superstars live; grab your T-Mobile Arena tickets now!

Our T-Mobile Arena tickets promo is the best way to experience these incredible events without breaking the bank. What's more, with our T-Mobile Arena tickets no fees offer, you can save even more on your next unforgettable live experience.

In the past, T-Mobile Arena has played host to iconic events, defining the live entertainment scene in Las Vegas. From the unforgettable UFC fights to the electrifying performances by world-renowned artists, the venue has made history time and again. In 2023, it's your turn to be a part of that history.

Whether you're a local resident or a tourist looking to soak up the vibrant Las Vegas scene, T-Mobile Arena offers something for everyone. Secure your T-Mobile Arena tickets today and get ready for a live event experience like no other!

The T-Mobile Arena is not just a venue; it's a destination. It's where history is made, stars are born, and memories are created. Don't miss out on the action in 2023. Be a part of the story with T-Mobile Arena tickets.

Frequently Asked Questions About T-Mobile Arena Events

What is the average price of all the events at T-Mobile Arena?

The average price across all events at the T-Mobile Arena is approximately $348.04.

How does the pricing of sports events compare to concerts at T-Mobile Arena?

The sports events at T-Mobile Arena, like Vegas Golden Knights games, generally have lower average prices compared to concerts. For instance, the average price for the Vegas Golden Knights games ranges from $83.76 to $576.06, whereas concerts like Madonna and Bad Bunny are priced at an average of $608.97 and $614.46 respectively.

Are there any events with average prices below $100 at T-Mobile Arena?

Yes, there are several events with average prices below $100 at the T-Mobile Arena. These include the Vegas Golden Knights vs. Winnipeg Jets with an average price of $83.76, the Hall of Fame Series: Oregon vs. Georgia - Session 1 at an average price of $55.50 and the Continental Tire Main Event with an average price of $188.60.

What is the price range for events at the T-Mobile Arena?

The price range for events at the T-Mobile Arena varies greatly. The lowest average price is $75.46 for the Pac 12 Mens Basketball Tournament: Session 1, while the highest average price is $1,193.59 for UFC 296: Edwards vs. Covington.

How does the events' pricing fluctuate throughout the year at T-Mobile Arena?

The pricing for events at T-Mobile Arena tends to fluctuate depending on the nature and popularity of the event. For instance, prices tend to be higher for popular concerts and important sports matches. The average prices seem to increase during the first quarter of the year, with events like Madonna and the NBA In-Season Tournament Championship having higher average prices. However, there are also affordable events throughout the year, especially sports matches like those of the Vegas Golden Knights.

What amenities are available for those who purchase T-Mobile Arena tickets?

T-Mobile Arena offers a range of amenities for its patrons, including various dining and beverage options, comfortable seating, advanced sound and lighting systems, and more. Certain tickets may also offer access to VIP lounges and suites.

Are there any special discounts available for purchasing T-Mobile Arena tickets?

While the availability of discounts may vary depending on the event, T-Mobile Arena sometimes offers special promotions or discounts for certain groups, such as seniors, students, military personnel, or groups purchasing tickets together. It's best to check directly with the box office or their official online channels for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

How can one verify the authenticity of T-Mobile Arena tickets?

Authentic T-Mobile Arena tickets will have certain security features, such as holograms, barcodes, or unique identification numbers. Additionally, buying tickets directly from the T-Mobile Arena box office or their official online channels ensures their authenticity.

What types of events can one attend with T-Mobile Arena tickets?

T-Mobile Arena hosts a variety of events, including concerts, sporting events, awards shows, and more. The type of event you can attend will depend on the specific ticket you purchase.

Is there any special access or seating available for differently-abled individuals who purchase T-Mobile Arena tickets?

Yes, T-Mobile Arena provides accessible seating and other accommodations for differently-abled individuals. It is recommended to contact the venue directly to arrange these accommodations when purchasing tickets.

What is the refund policy for T-Mobile Arena tickets?

The refund policy may vary depending on the event. Typically, refunds are available if the event is cancelled and not rescheduled. However, it is always best to check the specific refund policy when purchasing tickets.

How early should I arrive at T-Mobile Arena after purchasing tickets?

It is generally recommended to arrive at least 1 hour prior to the event start time. This allows ample time for parking, security checks, and locating your seat.

Can T-Mobile Arena tickets be transferred or resold?

The reselling or transferring of T-Mobile Arena tickets is often subject to the venue's policy. It is recommended to check this policy directly with the venue.

What are some tips for a great experience when attending an event at T-Mobile Arena?

Some tips for a great experience include arriving early, familiarizing yourself with the venue layout, enjoying the various amenities available, and being respectful of other attendees.

What safety measures are in place at T-Mobile Arena for those who have purchased tickets?

T-Mobile Arena prioritizes the safety of its attendees with measures such as security checks at entrances, a clear bag policy, and the presence of security personnel throughout the venue.

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