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Welcome to Spokane Arena, where dreams take center stage and unforgettable memories are made. This 12,638-seat multi-purpose venue in Spokane, Washington, has been the epicenter of live events since 1995. It's the perfect place to grab your Spokane Arena tickets for a memorable night out. If you're yearning for gripping sports action, captivating concerts, or thrilling shows, then look no further. Spokane Arena events have something for everyone.

In 2023 and beyond, Spokane Arena continues to uphold its reputation as the go-to venue for world-class entertainment. It's no surprise that Spokane Arena tickets are always in high demand. You'll be thrilled to know that we offer Spokane Arena tickets promo for various events. What's more, we provide Spokane Arena tickets with no fees, making your ticket-buying experience even more pleasing.

Spokane Arena has been graced by numerous world-renowned artists and athletes throughout the years. From hosting electrifying NHL and NBA pre-season games to serving as the stage for musical icons like Sir Paul McCartney and Taylor Swift, this venue has seen it all.

Fast forward to 2023, and the line-up is nothing short of spectacular. Glance at the thrilling Monster Jam or bask in the melodies of the Jonas Brothers. Laugh out loud with Nate Bargatze or get your heart racing at the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament. These are just a few of the Spokane Arena events on offer.

Whether you're a fan of country music, eagerly awaiting Blake Shelton, Dustin Lynch, and Emily Ann Roberts or a lover of comedy looking forward to Nate Bargatze, there's an event for you. For the sports enthusiasts, the adrenaline rush never ends with WWE: Supershow or the Spokane Chiefs' thrilling hockey matches.

Our Spokane Arena tickets promo lets you experience these events without breaking the bank. And with Spokane Arena tickets no fees attached, you can indulge in your favorite event without any extra charges.

Get your Spokane Arena tickets today and be a part of the excitement that only live events can provide. Whether it's the thrill of the concert, the intensity of the game, or the laughter of a comedy show, there's no feeling quite like being part of the live audience at Spokane Arena.

Frequently Asked Questions About Spokane Arena Events

What is the average price of the event Nate Bargatze in 2024?

The average price of the Nate Bargatze event at Spokane Arena in 2024 is $184.34.

Can you provide details on the average price of Spokane Chiefs games in 2023 and 2024?

For Spokane Chiefs games at Spokane Arena, the average prices fluctuate around $55 to $60 in both 2023 and 2024.

What are the expected prices for the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament in 2024 at Spokane Arena?

For the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament at Spokane Arena in 2024, the average prices range from $272.67 to $709.25, depending on the session.

Can you tell me the average price for the Blake Shelton, Dustin Lynch & Emily Ann Roberts event in 2024?

The average price for the Blake Shelton, Dustin Lynch & Emily Ann Roberts event at Spokane Arena in 2024 is $382.30.

What is the average price for the Monster Jam event in 2023?

The average price for the Monster Jam event at Spokane Arena in 2023 is $50.62.

What is the typical seating capacity for concerts at the Spokane Arena?

The Spokane Arena has a seating capacity of approximately 12,500 for concerts, providing ample space for fans to enjoy their favorite performances.

Can you describe the accessibility features available for those attending events at Spokane Arena?

The Spokane Arena provides a range of accessibility features including accessible parking, entrances, restrooms, seating, and assistive listening devices. There are also ramps and elevators for easy mobility within the venue.

Are there any restrictions on items that can be brought into the Spokane Arena?

Yes, for the safety and enjoyment of all attendees, Spokane Arena has restrictions on certain items such as large bags, outside food and beverages, professional cameras, weapons, and noise-making devices.

What kind of events can I expect to purchase tickets for at the Spokane Arena?

Spokane Arena hosts a wide variety of events including concerts from globally recognized artists, family entertainment shows, sporting events, trade shows, and community events.

How early should I arrive at the Spokane Arena to ensure I have enough time to park, find my seat, and settle in before the event starts?

It is recommended that guests arrive at least an hour before the event start time. This should allow sufficient time for parking, ticket scanning, and finding your seat.

Is there any special seating arrangement for families or groups at the Spokane Arena?

Spokane Arena offers a variety of seating options that can accommodate groups and families. However, availability may vary depending on the event, so it's best to check the seating chart when purchasing tickets.

What facilities and amenities are available at the Spokane Arena?

The Spokane Arena offers a wide range of facilities and amenities including food and beverage options, merchandise stands, restrooms, and ATM machines.

Are there any specific rules or policies in place at the Spokane Arena for the safety and enjoyment of attendees?

Yes, Spokane Arena has policies to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all attendees. These include restrictions on certain items, a code of conduct for attendees, and guidelines on accessibility.

What is the typical process for purchasing Spokane Arena tickets for an event?

Tickets for Spokane Arena events can typically be purchased online, over the phone, or in person at the box office. It's always a good idea to purchase tickets early as popular events tend to sell out quickly.

Is it possible to purchase Spokane Arena tickets for a future event during my current visit to the arena?

Yes, often the box office will have tickets available for upcoming events. This can be a convenient way to secure your spot at future events while you're already at the venue.

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