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Sheldon Concert Hall Tickets

St. Louis, Missouri

Sheldon Concert Hall Events
  • Oct11fri
    08:00 PM - Robert Cray BandSheldon Concert Hall, St. Louis, MO
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  • Nov9sat
    07:30 PM - Michael RapaportSheldon Concert Hall, St. Louis, MO
  • Jan23thu
    07:30 PM - Stayin' Alive - One Night of the Bee GeesSheldon Concert Hall, St. Louis, MO
  • Apr27sun
    07:30 PM - Jesse CookSheldon Concert Hall, St. Louis, MO

Frequently Asked Questions About Sheldon Concert Hall Events

What are some of the upcoming events at Sheldon Concert Hall?

Sheldon Concert Hall hosts a range of performances across disciplines like music, theatre, and dance. The specific events can vary throughout the year, so it's best to check their official website or contact them directly for the most accurate and updated schedule.

What is the seating capacity of Sheldon Concert Hall for a concert?

Sheldon Concert Hall has a seating capacity of approximately 712, making it an intimate venue for experiencing live performances.

How can one secure tickets for events at Sheldon Concert Hall?

Tickets for events at Sheldon Concert Hall are typically available through the venue's official box office. They may also be obtained through trustworthy ticket platforms, ensuring authentic and guaranteed tickets.

What type of performances can one expect at Sheldon Concert Hall?

Sheldon Concert Hall is known for its diverse range of performances. It hosts everything from classical music concerts to contemporary performances, jazz nights, vocal groups, theater performances, and even lectures and community events.

Can one purchase Sheldon Concert Hall tickets in advance?

Yes, one can usually purchase Sheldon Concert Hall tickets in advance. This is often advisable as popular performances can sell out quickly.

Are there any special accommodations available at Sheldon Concert Hall for individuals with disabilities?

Yes, Sheldon Concert Hall is committed to providing an accessible and enjoyable experience for all patrons and offers a range of accommodations for individuals with disabilities.

Is it possible to get a group discount on Sheldon Concert Hall tickets?

In many venues, group discounts are available for larger parties. It's recommended to reach out directly to Sheldon Concert Hall or check their official website for details on their group ticket policies.

What is the procedure if a show at the Sheldon Concert Hall is cancelled or postponed?

If a show at Sheldon Concert Hall is cancelled or postponed, patrons are typically notified by the venue or ticket provider. Options may include a refund, credit, or the opportunity to attend the rescheduled event.

Are there any age restrictions for shows at Sheldon Concert Hall?

Age restrictions at Sheldon Concert Hall can vary depending on the nature of the event. It's always good to check the specific event details or contact the venue directly for accurate information.

How early should one arrive at Sheldon Concert Hall before the event begins?

It's generally recommended to arrive at Sheldon Concert Hall about 30 minutes before the event start time. This allows sufficient time for parking, finding your seat, and settling in before the performance begins.

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