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Cincinnati, Ohio

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Frequently Asked Questions About Riverbend Music Center Events

What type of events can I expect at the Riverbend Music Center?

The Riverbend Music Center is known for hosting a broad range of events including concerts, live performances by renowned artists, and music festivals. It offers a diverse range of genres from rock and pop to country, classical music, and more.

How can I ensure that I'm purchasing legitimate Riverbend Music Center tickets?

Always buy your tickets from trusted sources. The Riverbend Music Center often sells tickets directly, or through authorized ticket sellers. Be wary of deals that seem too good to be true - they often are.

What are some tips for getting the best Riverbend Music Center tickets?

For the best experience, consider purchasing tickets as soon as they go on sale, as popular events tend to sell out quickly. You might also consider joining fan clubs or mailing lists that may offer pre-sale or discounted tickets.

What amenities are available at the Riverbend Music Center for ticket holders?

The Riverbend Music Center provides a range of amenities for ticket holders, including ample parking, concession stands offering food and beverages, and merchandise booths for event memorabilia.

Are there accessible seating options available when purchasing Riverbend Music Center tickets?

Yes, Riverbend Music Center is committed to providing an enjoyable experience for all guests and offers accessible seating options. When purchasing your tickets, be sure to specify your specific needs.

Can I purchase Riverbend Music Center tickets for large groups?

Yes, group ticket options are often available for events at Riverbend Music Center. Contact the venue directly for specific information about group sales.

Is it possible to upgrade my Riverbend Music Center tickets?

Ticket upgrades can often depend on the event and availability. You may be able to upgrade your tickets by contacting the venue directly.

What is the capacity of Riverbend Music Center?

The Riverbend Music Center can accommodate approximately 20,500 guests. This includes about 6,000 reserved seats under the pavilion and 14,500 general admission lawn seats.

Are children allowed at the Riverbend Music Center events, and do they need tickets?

Children are typically allowed at events, but the requirements for tickets can vary by event. Some events may allow children under a certain age to enter for free, while others may require a ticket regardless of age. It's always best to check the specific event details.

What happens if an event at Riverbend Music Center is cancelled or rescheduled?

If an event at Riverbend Music Center is cancelled or rescheduled, ticket holders will typically be given the option of a refund or tickets to the rescheduled date. Always check the terms and conditions at the time of purchase for specific details.

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