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Amherst, Massachusetts

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Frequently Asked Questions About Mullins Center Events

What events can one attend with Mullins Center tickets?

Mullins Center tickets provide access to a wide variety of events such as college basketball games, hockey matches, concerts, and special events like comedy shows and family-friendly performances.

How can one ensure the authenticity of Mullins Center tickets?

Authenticity of Mullins Center tickets can be ensured by purchasing them directly from the official Mullins Center box office or through their approved online ticketing system.

What is the capacity of the Mullins Center for which tickets are sold?

The Mullins Center has a seating capacity of approximately 9,493 for basketball games and around 8,389 for ice hockey matches. For concerts, the capacity can vary depending on the stage setup.

Can Mullins Center tickets be returned or exchanged?

Generally, all sales are final and tickets cannot be returned or exchanged after purchase. However, it's always a good idea to check the specific terms and conditions for any exceptions.

Is it possible to get group discounts on Mullins Center tickets?

Yes, the Mullins Center often offers group discounts for certain events. The specifics may vary, so it's recommended to contact the Mullins Center directly for detailed information.

What are some of the notable past events for which Mullins Center tickets were sold?

Mullins Center tickets have been sold for numerous notable events, including performances by acclaimed artists, high-energy sports games, and popular family shows.

Are there any special accommodations available for disabled individuals who have Mullins Center tickets?

Yes, the Mullins Center provides accommodations for individuals with disabilities. They offer accessible seating, parking, and other amenities to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Can Mullins Center tickets be purchased in advance?

Yes, Mullins Center tickets can often be purchased in advance for most events. This allows attendees to secure their seats well before the event date.

What are the general rules and policies attendees should be aware of when purchasing Mullins Center tickets?

Attendees should be aware that bags, professional cameras, and outside food or drink are typically prohibited. Additionally, all attendees, regardless of age, are required to have a ticket.

What measures are taken to ensure the security of attendees with Mullins Center tickets?

The Mullins Center employs various security measures to ensure the safety of attendees, including bag checks, walk-through metal detectors, and a team of security personnel.

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