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Jesse Auditorium Tickets

Columbia, Missouri

Jesse Auditorium Performers
Jesse Auditorium Events
  • Jul9tue
    06:00 PM - Bluey's Big PlayJesse Auditorium, Columbia, MO
  • Jul10wed
    06:00 PM - Bluey's Big PlayJesse Auditorium, Columbia, MO

Frequently Asked Questions About Jesse Auditorium Events

What is the seating capacity of Jesse Auditorium?

The seating capacity of Jesse Auditorium is approximately 1700, providing ample space for a comfortable audience experience during performances.

What type of events can I attend at Jesse Auditorium with my ticket?

Jesse Auditorium hosts a variety of events including concerts, lectures, plays, musicals, and other live performances. Your ticket generally provides access to one of these diverse events.

Is there a specific dress code to follow when attending events at Jesse Auditorium?

Jesse Auditorium does not enforce a strict dress code, attendees are encouraged to dress comfortably. However, some might opt for more formal attire depending on the nature of the event.

Are there any special facilities or services available at Jesse Auditorium for ticket holders?

Yes, Jesse Auditorium offers several facilities for ticket holders such as wheelchair accessible seating, assisted listening devices, and on-site concession stands.

Can I buy Jesse Auditorium tickets at the door on the day of the event?

While some events may offer tickets at the door, it is typically recommended to purchase tickets in advance to ensure availability and secure your seat.

What is the policy concerning children's tickets at Jesse Auditorium?

Policies can vary depending on the event. Some events may require all attendees, regardless of age, to have a ticket while others may offer discounted tickets or free admission for children under a certain age.

Are there group tickets available for purchase at Jesse Auditorium?

Many events at Jesse Auditorium offer group tickets, however, availability can vary depending on the nature and demand of the event. It's best to check in advance if you're planning to attend as a large party.

What are the standard operating hours for the Jesse Auditorium box office?

Operating hours for the Jesse Auditorium box office typically align with normal business hours, but it's best to check ahead as hours may vary depending on scheduled events.

Is it possible to exchange or refund my Jesse Auditorium ticket after purchase?

Generally, all ticket sales for events at Jesse Auditorium are final. However, policies can vary depending on the event, so it's recommended to check the specific terms and conditions at the time of purchase.

Are there any restrictions on what I can bring into Jesse Auditorium with my ticket?

Yes, for the safety and enjoyment of all attendees, Jesse Auditorium may restrict certain items like large bags, outside food and drink, and professional cameras. It's best to check the specific guidelines for the event you're attending.

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