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ExtraMile Arena Tickets

Boise, Idaho

ExtraMile Arena Events
  • Jun28fri
    08:00 PM - Theo VonExtraMile Arena, Boise, ID
    26 People Viewing Right Now
    97 Tickets Left!
  • Aug9fri
    08:00 PM - Fuerza RegidaExtraMile Arena, Boise, ID
    20 People Viewing Right Now
  • Oct1tue
    07:00 PM - Elevation Worship & Steven FurtickExtraMile Arena, Boise, ID
  • Nov19tue
    08:00 PM - Rainbow Kitten SurpriseExtraMile Arena, Boise, ID
  • Nov22fri
    08:30 PM - Los Tigres del NorteExtraMile Arena, Boise, ID
  • Dec7sat
    08:00 PM - Heart & Cheap TrickExtraMile Arena, Boise, ID
    12 People Viewing Right Now

Frequently Asked Questions About ExtraMile Arena Events

What types of events can I expect to see at ExtraMile Arena?

ExtraMile Arena is a versatile venue that hosts a wide range of events. You can expect to see concerts from world-renowned musicians, sporting events like basketball games, family-friendly shows such as Disney on Ice, and other live performances like stand-up comedy and Broadway shows.

How can I ensure my ExtraMile Arena tickets are legitimate?

To ensure your ExtraMile Arena tickets are legitimate, always purchase them through the official ticketing partner of the Arena or directly from the event promoter. Be wary of deals that seem too good to be true, as they often are.

What is the seating capacity of ExtraMile Arena for different events?

The seating capacity of ExtraMile Arena can vary depending on the type of event. For concerts, it can seat up to 13,000 spectators, for basketball games around 12,000, and for theatrical performances, the number can change based on the stage setup.

Are there any special amenities or services available for ticket holders at ExtraMile Arena?

Yes, ExtraMile Arena offers a variety of amenities for ticket holders. This includes food and beverage options, merchandise stalls, and facilities for individuals with disabilities. There are also VIP packages available for certain events, which can include premium seating, private entrances, and other exclusive benefits.

Can I purchase ExtraMile Arena tickets for a group?

Yes, group tickets are often available for events at ExtraMile Arena. These are a great option for corporate outings, school trips, or any large gathering. The specific availability and pricing can vary depending on the event, so it's best to contact the Arena directly for more information.

What policies should I be aware of when purchasing ExtraMile Arena tickets?

ExtraMile Arena has a few policies that ticket buyers should be aware of. This includes a clear bag policy for security reasons, a policy on prohibited items, and policies related to ticket refunds and exchanges. It's important to review these before purchasing your tickets to ensure a smooth event experience.

Are there any age restrictions for purchasing ExtraMile Arena tickets?

Age restrictions at ExtraMile Arena typically depend on the nature of the event. While some events are suitable for all ages, others may have age restrictions in place. It's always recommended to check the specific event details before purchasing tickets.

Can I buy ExtraMile Arena tickets for a future date?

Absolutely, as long as tickets for the event are on sale, you can purchase ExtraMile Arena tickets for future dates. This allows you to plan ahead and secure your spot for highly anticipated events.

Is there a possibility for an event cancellation at ExtraMile Arena after I've purchased tickets?

While it's rare, event cancellations at ExtraMile Arena can happen due to unforeseen circumstances. In such cases, ticket holders are typically offered a refund or an exchange, depending on the specific policies of the event organizer.

Are there any special access or discounted ExtraMile Arena tickets for students or seniors?

ExtraMile Arena often provides discounted tickets for certain demographic groups like students and seniors, but it largely depends on the event. It's recommended to check the specifics of an event for any discount availability.

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