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Tempe, Arizona

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Frequently Asked Questions About Desert Financial Arena Events

What are some key features of Desert Financial Arena?

Desert Financial Arena, previously known as Wells Fargo Arena, is a multi-purpose arena located in Tempe, Arizona. It is used for sports events, concerts, and other performances, and it can accommodate up to 14,000 spectators.

What types of events typically require tickets at the Desert Financial Arena?

Events at the Desert Financial Arena include a variety of sports events, concerts, graduation ceremonies, and special events like comedy shows and speaker series.

How can one ensure tickets for events at Desert Financial Arena are authentic?

Buying tickets from the official Desert Financial Arena box office or authorized sellers can ensure authenticity. It's always important to be cautious of unauthorized third party sellers.

Are there special accommodations available for ticket holders at the Desert Financial Arena?

Yes, Desert Financial Arena offers accommodations for patrons with disabilities, including accessible seating and services.

Is it possible to get a refund for tickets purchased for events at Desert Financial Arena?

Typically, refunds for tickets are available only if the event is cancelled and not rescheduled. However, policies may vary depending on the event, so it's best to check the specific event details.

Can Desert Financial Arena tickets be transferred or resold?

Generally, the resale or transfer of tickets is subject to the terms and conditions of the original ticket purchase. It's best to check these details when purchasing.

What is the policy for lost or stolen tickets at Desert Financial Arena?

Usually, if tickets are lost or stolen, you should contact the point of purchase. In many cases, tickets can be reissued.

Are there any restrictions on items that can be brought into the Desert Financial Arena?

Yes, for the safety and comfort of all guests, Desert Financial Arena has a list of prohibited items which includes weapons, outside food and beverages, professional cameras, and more.

What are the seating options available when purchasing Desert Financial Arena tickets?

The seating options at Desert Financial Arena can vary depending on the event, but generally include a mix of floor seats, lower level seating, and upper level seating.

Can you provide some tips for a smooth experience at the Desert Financial Arena?

To ensure a smooth experience, arrive early to allow time for parking and security checks. Be aware of prohibited items. Finally, always buy your tickets from authorized sellers to guarantee their validity.

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