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Rochester, New York

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About Blue Cross Arena

Get ready for an exhilarating lineup of live events at the iconic Blue Cross Arena! This legendary venue has a rich history of hosting top-tier concerts, sports events, and shows, and 2023 is set to continue this tradition in style. For fans looking to secure their Blue Cross Arena tickets, be prepared to be spoiled for choice with an array of events that are sure to create unforgettable memories.

The Blue Cross Arena events calendar for 2023 is teeming with star-studded appearances. Kick back with the hilarious Adam Sandler on November 8th, or feel the adrenaline rush with WWE: Supershow on November 4th. Music lovers can look forward to an entrancing performance by Tool on November 6th, or join Journey & Toto for a musical adventure on February 22, 2024.

Children and families have plenty to look forward to as well, with Disney On Ice: Into The Magic on December 16th. Comedy enthusiasts can mark their calendars for Bert Kreischer's show on December 6th, and sports fans will have a chance to cheer on the Rochester Americans as they take on various opponents throughout the year.

Blue Cross Arena tickets promo offerings are just icing on the cake, with deals that make it more affordable than ever to enjoy these thrilling events. And with Blue Cross Arena tickets no fees promotions, you can keep your focus on the exciting experience ahead.

As a landmark venue that blends historic charm with modern amenities, the Blue Cross Arena offers a unique backdrop for these diverse events. Whether you're laughing with Adam Sandler, rocking out with Tool, or cheering on the Rochester Americans, you can expect an experience that's as memorable as the event itself.

Book your Blue Cross Arena tickets today and immerse yourself in the magic of live events. With a range of options to suit all tastes and budgets, 2023 is set to be a year of unforgettable moments at the Blue Cross Arena. Don't miss out - secure your tickets now!

Frequently Asked Questions About Blue Cross Arena Events

What is the average price for events at the Blue Cross Arena?

The average price for events at the Blue Cross Arena varies, with the average prices ranging from approximately $47.30 to $204.24.

Can you provide some information about the prices for sports events at Blue Cross Arena?

Sure, the average price of sports events like Rochester Americans games range from approximately $47.30 to $104.60. For Rochester Knighthawks games, the average price ranges from around $151.09 to $170.37.

How do ticket prices for comedy shows like Adam Sandler and Bert Kreischer compare at Blue Cross Arena?

The average ticket price for Adam Sandler's event at the Blue Cross Arena is approximately $181.50, while Bert Kreischer's event has an average ticket price around $136.25.

What are the average ticket prices for concerts at the Blue Cross Arena?

Concerts at the Blue Cross Arena show some variety in their average ticket prices. For instance, the average price for the Journey & Toto concert is around $204.24, while Tool's concert has an average price of approximately $165.45.

Are there any family-oriented events at the Blue Cross Arena and what are their approximate average prices?

Yes, we do have family-oriented events. Disney On Ice: Into The Magic is a popular choice with an average price of around $74.97. The Harlem Globetrotters also put on a great show for families, with average prices around $115.08.

What types of events can one expect to attend with Blue Cross Arena tickets?

Blue Cross Arena tickets provide access to a variety of live entertainment events such as concerts, sporting events including hockey and basketball games, and family-friendly shows like circuses and ice shows.

How can one ensure the authenticity of Blue Cross Arena tickets?

To ensure the authenticity of Blue Cross Arena tickets, it's recommended to purchase tickets directly from the venue's box office or their authorized online ticketing partners.

What amenities does the Blue Cross Arena offer to ticket holders?

Blue Cross Arena offers multiple amenities to ticket holders, including several concession stands with different food and beverage options, comfortable seating arrangements, and ample parking spaces.

Are there any special accommodations for disabled persons at the Blue Cross Arena?

Yes, Blue Cross Arena is committed to providing an accessible and enjoyable experience for all its guests. This includes wheelchair-accessible entrances, seating areas, and restrooms.

What is the seating capacity of Blue Cross Arena for different types of events?

The seating capacity at Blue Cross Arena varies depending on the event. For concerts, it can accommodate up to 13,000 attendees, while for sporting events, the capacity is typically around 10,000 to 12,000.

What safety measures are in place at the Blue Cross Arena for ticket holders?

The Blue Cross Arena prioritizes the safety and security of its guests. Measures include the presence of on-site security personnel, bag checks at entrances, and emergency evacuation plans.

Can Blue Cross Arena tickets be purchased in advance?

Yes, tickets for events at Blue Cross Arena can typically be purchased in advance, either online or at the venue's box office.

Are there group ticket options available for Blue Cross Arena events?

Yes, many events at the Blue Cross Arena offer group ticket options, which can be a cost-effective choice for larger parties attending a specific event.

Is there any age limit for attending events at the Blue Cross Arena?

Age restrictions for events at Blue Cross Arena often depend on the nature of the specific event. While many are suitable for all ages, some may have age limits or recommendations.

How can one stay updated about upcoming events for which Blue Cross Arena tickets will be available?

Information about upcoming events at Blue Cross Arena can usually be found on the venue's official website or social media platforms, which often provide news about ticket sales dates and event details.

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