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Don't Waste Money on Stubhub' Service Fees

Did you know the final price you pay on Stubhub.com is much higher than the one they initially show you? It's a marketing trick known as Drip Pricing. A deceptive trick design to let businesses charge more for the same product.
Here's how it works, Take this Billie Eilish concert ticket for example. Initially Stubhub set a fake low price of $322 vs $340 on MegaSeats a No Fees Site.
But once you input your payment method Stubhub adds more than 32% to the price you see in the form of Service Fees and Transfer Fees. At checkout Megaseats, A No Fees sites is clearly cheaper.
They do this because it allows them to trick customers into paying more for the same tickets This "Drip Pricing" trick is sadly widespread in the ticket resale industry. WE HATE THIS.

Don't believe us?

Here are Tickets Executives testifying to Congress, in an investigation to ban this practice.

And here is a research by Berkley school of Economics showing that Ticket Buyers on average spends 21% more due to Drip Pricing or “Fees” tactic.
Price Salience and Product Choice - UC Berkeley

MegaSeats always shows you the final price up front. We aren't trying to fool you. What you see is what you pay.
When you compare the final price you'll pay on MegaSeats versus our competitors, you'll save big shopping with us. What are you waiting for

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